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Residential Window Cleaning

Professional residential window cleaning enhances the appearance and protects the value of your home

Without regular window washing, dirt and minerals can build up on the glass, resulting in water spots and damage.

Everything looks better inside and out when your windows are crystal clear. 

Windows are carefully and thoroughly washed by hand using a soft strip washer. This is followed by streak-free squeegeeing, taking care to detail each window, and is followed by a courtesy wiping of any water on sills and inside tracks.

Exterior window tracks, flashings, and frames are brushed clean to remove spider webs and debris.

At Terry’s Window Cleaning we are mindful of your property and wear inside-only footwear while we are working in your home. 

Because windows remind you they need cleaning at every glance!

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Terry's residential window cleaning
Terry's Window Cleaning on skylights

Skylight Cleaning

Skylights are generally cleaned once or twice a year to keep the grime and algae from building up and permanently damaging the surface. That’s why skylights are a large part of our residential window cleaning service.

Glass skylights are cleaned with soap and water in much the same way that windows are. 

Plexiglas™ skylight interiors are cleaned with a quality glass spray and paper toweling. The exterior is cleaned with a soft soapy brush followed by a clean water rinse.

Our ladders are specially modified with rubber feet to protect your interior flooring and we will position drop cloths in the work area.

Screen Cleaning

Screens act as filters allowing fresh air to flow in while impeding dust and critters from entering the home.

Clean indoor air is an integral part of maintaining a healthy home and one of the components that determine air quality is the cleanliness of window screens. Clean screens noticeably increase the volume of fresh air flowing through a house.

We carefully remove the screen from the window and brush out any debris from the window tracks. The screens and frames are gently cleaned with soap and water then rinsed and air-dried. On cooler days we wipe the screens dry with a soft lint-free cloth.

Patio door screens and non-removable screens are carefully cleaned in place. 

Terry's Window Cleaning washing screen

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The place looked absolutely spectacular after Terry was finished with it! He exceeded all my expectations and could not have done a more thorough job. 

S. Tinkley
Bowen Island

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