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Gutter Cleaning

Terry's Gutter Cleaning

Gutters require regular cleaning to avoid water buildup and overflow that may result in damage to your roof and house. 

We have proper equipment and procedures that will ensure your gutters are cleaned without damaging your property. We use rubber ladder caps and standoffs to avoid scratching the gutter face with our ladders. 

The downspouts will be inspected to ensure maximum flow from your entire gutter system. We water flush any downspout blockages until proper functioning is restored. The house and grounds are left clean and spotless. 

Spring and fall are ideal times for gutter cleaning.


Gutter Face Cleaning

Gutter Face - Gutter cleaning
What's up with zebra stripes?

The alternating light and dark vertical stripes that appear on aluminum rain gutters are caused by an electrostatic charge. 

Pollution and dirt build-up on the top lip of the gutter. When rainwater combines with these pollutants it runs down the face of the gutter. Future precipitation will follow the same path resulting in those alternating light and dark stripes or zebra stripes. 

Zebra stripes can be removed by applying Vim® to the gutter face and downspouts with a brush. We scrub the gutter face and the downspouts vigorously and rinse. We then repeat the process.

Happy Customers

Terry has done our rain gutters twice now and we will continue to use him in the future. Our gutters are super clean and white again. He’s super nice. Easy to work with. Works super hard and makes sure you’re happy. Thanks again, Terry!

David D.
West Vancouver

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