Skylight Cleaning

Skylights are generally cleaned once or twice a year to keep the grime from building up and permanently damaging the surface.

Glass skylights are cleaned much the same way as windows but may require a careful scraping to remove dirt, tree sap or construction debris.

Plexiglas™ and acrylic skylights are easily scratched by dirt or abrasive cleaning resulting in a clouded appearance. Cloudiness is also caused by Plexiglas™ breaking down over time. We clean the interiors with a quality glass spray and paper towelling. The exterior is cleaned with a soft soapy cloth followed by a clean water rinse.

We do not clean skylights that are hot or while they are in direct sunlight. The heat causes our cleaning solution to dry quickly and we cannot properly remove the dirt. Occasionally we will delay skylight cleaning and return on a cloudy or cooler day.

Mirror Cleaning

It can be frustrating to diligently clean a mirror and then step back and see grey cloudy areas. This is the result of inferior cleaning agents leaving a film on the mirror.

No process cleans a mirror better than a squeegee and soapy water or a high quality glass cleaner because film residue is eliminated.

Delicate, antique or bevelled mirrors are gently cleaned with a high quality glass cleaner and paper towelling.

Drop cloths are positioned to protect the floor surface when required.