Screen Cleaning

Clean indoor air is an integral part of maintaining a healthy home and one of the components that determine air quality is the cleanliness of window screens. Clean screens increase the volume of fresh air flowing through a house.

Screens act as filters allowing fresh air to enter while impeding dust and critters from entering the home.

How often screens should be cleaned depends on the surroundings of the home. Typically, a once a year cleaning is sufficient, but houses located in windier or densely treed settings may require more frequent cleaning.

We carefully remove the screen from the window and brush out any debris from the window tracks. The screens and frames are gently cleaned with soap and water then rinsed and air dried. On cooler days we wipe the screens dry with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth.

Patio door screens and non-removable screens are carefully cleaned in place and always dried with clean cloths.